Payroll Premier 2020/21 is worse than 19/20 - The button 'Change to Date Paid' freezes for 2min bef

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2020/21 is worse than 19/20 - The button  'Change to Date Paid' freezes (grey screen) for 2min before  showing STP report. Reckon technical team is aware of this and 2min is allowable for them and they recommend me to start a new company file (as in enter from scratch). This is absurd. Why would they even think the grey screen and the 2 min (which is 0 min in 19/20) is allowable? 


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    Payroll Premier hasn't had an upgrade in nigh on to twenty years. Im stunned you're still using it. Reckon Accounts payroll used to be the laggard but it's very good now. Very, very good.
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