How to edit end of financial year 2019 2020

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How to edit end of financial year (2019/2020) report. The total gross pay is completely incorrect there is no phone number to call for help and i have rang the ato for them to say they cannot fix it on there end. i have very annoyed employees trying to organise there tax returns.


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    The 'Pay Summary' section in the STP app does not show a 'live' figure of what the ATO has on their end. Rather, it shows an accumulated total of ALL submissions regardless of their status ie. Success, Error, Pending etc PLUS any YTD pay balance that was entered for the employee when they were first set up. Due to this, it can become out of sync with what your figures should be.

    If you're at the stage where you need to send through your EOFY finalisation here's what I'd recommend you do. First make sure you're on the latest version of the STP app if you aren't already, currently v1.13.5 (check your app store for any available updates).

    Tap on the EOFY Report 2019/20 option and go through the employee balances shown on-screen to verify they are correct.

    If they aren't correct, then you need to go out of there and create an update event in the app for each required employee and make their figures correct.
    Ensure that your update event is dated in the previous financial year, you can use 30 June 2020.

    For example, if you see Employee A's Pay Summary figure as $40,000 gross pay whereas in reality it should be $35,000.00 then the update event you create for Employee A will be -$5000.00 gross pay.

    More info on using an Update Event to correct your balances here -
    HELP GUIDE: How do I update my YTD balances in the STP app?

    Basically, what you need to do is ensure that the figures you see for each employee in the EOFY Finalisation Report is correct to what they should be in reality.

    The reason I say this is, when you send through the EOFY finalisation report the figures you see in the report will go through and overwrite the current figures that the ATO have. This way you know that the numbers are right, provided the necessary corrections have been made.

    See more info here - End of Financial Year finalisation using the STP app
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    i will give this ago tomorrow, the ato have the wrong figures this is my concern, for some reason it lodged those amounts to the ato as a last pay run i have since updated the app and could not find a thing on how to fix it
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