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I have been using the free STP app since July 2019 with success but things have gone haywire. It began with error messages over the last few months & I've been progressively going back & trying to update the errors but it just keeps creating more errors. At this rate, waiting a day plus for the ATO to approve the problem doesn't seem to be working it feels like a sinking ship plug one hole & another pops up. Is there someone who I can talk to or a number to call so as I can resolve these issues? Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Diego,
    What is the specific error response you are being sent back from the ATO for your submissions?
    Open up the latest submission and click the 'Review' button, you'll be presented a message. Can you post a screenshot of it here.
  • Diego OrtusoDiego Ortuso Member Posts: 2
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    Hi Rav For some reason I'm unable to load a screenshot but my errors seem to be in the super component I have been going back & amending error messages from earliest to latest do you advise doing it the other way around? As I get to the latest the discrepancies for my 2 employees get to be very different ie. earlier ones are the same later ones differ even though they get paid same wage super etc every week. Thanks
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