Issues with 2019/20 EOFY statement - submiiting after deadline

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I am late to sumbit the 2019/20 EOFY statement via STP Touch.  in the mean time I already submiited by July 2020 (FY 20-21) payroll to ATO. But now when I go to submit the 2019/20 EOFY statement, it includes the July payment as "+ Initial YTD Gross Pay' and "+ Initial YTD Tax Withheld' etc as additions to the 2019/20 figures (which are correct). Is it ok to submit the 19/20 EOFY statement with these additions and will ATO understand it includes the July (next FY) payment? Or do I need to make adjustments to cancelt he July payroll?


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    Hi Lorenzo,
    The 'Initial YTD' balances that appear in the breakdown are balances that were entered for an employee when they were first created in the app.
    For example, when you create an employee, the app asks if you've paid them anything already, at which point you can select Yes or No. If you choose yes, you enter how much you've paid them already in the financial year and whichever balance you enter in there will then show in that line in the breakdown.

    Which version of the STP app are you using? The current version is v1.13.5 (check your app store for any available updates)
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    Hi Rav

    I am using v 1.13.5

    This 'Initiall YTD "figure also appears when I do a EOFY 20/21 statement(just a 1 month figure) .

    So how do I get rid of this extra paymene amount?  It increases my EOFY 19/20 statement total by 1 extra month.

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