Data upload from the Reckon STP app to ATO incorrect?

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Im using  Reckon STP v1.12.2 (free app). I have just 2x employees and submitted via STP for both employees  during the FY'20 year.
At the final pay-run for the year submitted accordingly.
Data for 1x employee is correct from the ATO perspective but the Salary, W/H Tax for the other is exactly double for the other employee.
Retraced my steps though the STP app and all is correct in the history.
I called the ATO and they said that's what was received to them and that the employee needs to call them.
She called 2x and they said that the employer needs to call them as we must have double-entered (which we haven't)
Is it possible that the Reckon STP sent her data twice in error?. 


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    Hi Greg,
    My first recommendation is that you update to the current/latest version of the STP app (v1.13.5).
    The new version includes a new and more comprehensive EOFY process along with a breakdown of your employee balances, specifically if any YTD balances were entered for them when they were first created.

    At times, the balances in the STP app can become out of sync for a couple of reasons. The first is, the app does NOT show a live balance of what is sitting with the ATO, unfortunately there is not ability for us to do this. Secondly, the Pay Summary balances you see in the app are an accumulation of all submissions regardless of their result ie. Success, Error, Pending etc along with any YTD paid balance that was entered for them initially.
    There's more detailed info on this here - 
    HELP GUIDE: End of Financial Year finalisation with the STP app
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    Wow that was fast! Thank you!.
    I just uploaded the latest version (new as of July 13 it seems) as you recommended and can now see that the total for that employee is incorrect (double) in the app under the pay summary section.
    The FY'20 year was finalised by me prior to the date of the app being updated (at the time of the final pay run.) 
    When I go back to the pay runs for that year though, the amounts as I entered are correct. So the issue seems to have occurred within the app with the raw data for each pay run as entered (and still showing as correct) not matching with the pay summary that was sent by Reckon to the ATO.
    Is Reckon able to rectify this and amend what it sent through to the ATO?
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    Thanks for getting back to me Greg.
    There's one other reason that I overlooked mentioning above which could be attributed to incorrect balances appearing against your employees. Previous older versions of the app exhibited an issue where it was using the date of submission rather than the Pay Date within the submission to determine which FY that particular balance falls in. This was rectified in a later update of the app moving forward however as you mentioned you were previously using v1.12.2, I'm quite confident this would have occurred to you as well.

    Ok now in saying all that, here's what I'd recommend that you do to get things back on track.

    Tap on the EOFY Report 2019/20 option and go through the employee balances shown on-screen to verify they are correct.

    If they aren't correct, which you've already mentioned they aren't, then you need to go out of there and create an Update Event in the app for each required employee and make their figures correct.
    Ensure that your update event is dated in the previous financial year, you can use 30 June 2020.

    For example, if you see Employee John Smith's Pay Summary figure as $40,000 gross pay whereas in reality it should be $35,000.00 then the update event you create for this employee will be -$5000.00 gross pay.

    More info on using an Update Event to correct your balances here -
    HELP GUIDE: How do I update my YTD balances in the STP app?

    Basically, what you need to do is ensure that the figures you see for each employee in the EOFY Finalisation Report is correct to what they should be in reality.

    The reason I say this is, when you send through the EOFY finalisation report the figures you see in the report will go through and overwrite the current figures that the ATO have. This way you know that the numbers are right, provided the necessary corrections have been made.

    See more info here - End of Financial Year finalisation using the STP app

    You've mentioned you've already sent through an EOFY already and that is ok. After you make the necessary corrections as outlined above, the subsequent EOFY report you send again will then overwrite the previous one including all previous balances.
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