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Hi Rav,
I create a Payrun from August 2019 to 30th June 2020 for 7 employees, and this is the only pay run for my company.
I tried to create an EOFY finalization report. but it says I have no employee in 2019-2020, but when I tried 2020-2021, it works, so I submitted it. 
ATO called me says that I should correct it.
So how can I get the correct EOFY report?


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    What was the Date Paid on the pay run? If it was in July it will appear in the 20-21 financial year
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    Hi Simon,
    Which version of the STP app are you using when you put that submission through?

    What date did you put that submission through and more importantly, what was the 'Date Paid' that you entered in that submission?

    I have a feeling that it could be related to this issue which occurred on an older version of the app. I'd recommend taking a look at the info here -
    IMPORTANT STP App UPDATE v1.13.1 - Balances being allocated to incorrect FY

    As an aside, I note that you've mentioned 7 employees. Please keep in mind that the free STP app is designed for micro-businesses only (1-4 employees) and has been built with the ATO's low/no cost STP framework in mind (info here). If you need to report for more than 4 employees at any given time, I'd recommend that you check out a low-cost payroll software option such as this.
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