Reckon STP APP reporting incorrect number of employees for EOFY PAYG summary

carlcarl Member Posts: 1
edited August 11 in Single Touch Payroll App
Hi All I just went to do my EOFY PAYG report and I have an employee there from 2019 who shouldn't be there showing what they earned in the 2019 FY and one of my other employees is missing even though they were paid all throughout the 2020 financial year. Not to mention all the totals are wrong for the other 2 employees who are there. I think the reason Reckon asked me about any other employees i had in 2019 and i added one which i though was strange. Anyhow they now appear in the EOFY 2020 report and they didn't even earn anything in the 2020 FY. I don't even know where to begin. This APP is a disaster.
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