Total payment summary made by Reckon are incorrect.

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I use Single Touch Payroll App and I didn't do summary total payment because I think ATO have all records.
An employee told me that her "MYGov" show the figure of her total payment which is much more than what she earn. When I had a check, found that Reckon summary all employee's total payments incorrectly.

There are 3 duplicate pay runs which got error and reject by ATO, so I had to adjust and resubmit.  At the end of year STP App summary payment which included the 3 error pay run figure.

Two employees already get their tax return done with the incorrect figure. 

So my question is..
What to do with 3 employees who have done their tax return ?
What to do with an employee who have not don her tax ?  (should I give her the correct figure)

If I need to correct them,
Is it possible to delete the 3 error pay runs rather than "create new event" which so much more job to ?

Thank you


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    Duplicates happened because App Pay Summary is updated at the same time pay run is submitted. Should check App Pay Summary before finalisation. You can still make amendments after finalisation. Use negative update event to correct inflated App Pay Summary. This would set final indicator to FALSE. Then submit EOFY Report after checking figures are correct. Tell employees to use amended income statements. Lodged tax return should be amended according to the amended income statement after NOA has been issued by ATO.
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