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IngaInga Member Posts: 5
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Made a 2020FY Ledger in Reckon Elite for a Company - there seems to be an issue with the roll forward of the prior year balance sheet.  The opening roll forward batch entry seems to be correct and shows the balance sheet items being carried forward however the Balance sheet is out of balance.  There was an update for Ledger on Friday - not sure if the problem stems from this?


  • Julia ScottJulia Scott Member Posts: 2
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    Also having issues with this Inga and can't see any updates to run. Did you have any luck fixing the problem?
  • IngaInga Member Posts: 5
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    Hi Julia - no - still waiting on official fix.   Had to do a work around in the batch data entry to correct the issue - not ideal.  Did you have any luck?

  • Julia ScottJulia Scott Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2020
    Same, I change the account codes in the batch journal. Hopefully they release an update soon with a fix!
  • Scott SpringerScott Springer Member Posts: 1
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    I'm having same issue with roll forward of Opening COGS accounts being in the roll forward batch but throwing TB and Fins out of balance by not appearing.  On a different ledger all COGS account will not appear.
  • Chris DonohueChris Donohue Member Posts: 1
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    I am having  roll forward problems but different for each client. Also having problems with data not lining up on reports. What is happening with Reckon Elite this year as I currently have three different problems logged with them some of which are weeks old. Have sent copy of file to them with no solution in sight. INFERIOR SERVICE AND PRODUCT.

  • CLAIRE WUCLAIRE WU Member Posts: 1
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    Yes exactly I am having this roll forward problem, the balance sheet is out of balance. 
    I had several different weird problems with Elite recently, e.g. trust profit distribution, accounts general ledger balance out, and balance sheet balance out etc. 
    I have been waiting more than one months for someone to pick up trust profit distribution issue, I followed up with emails and phone calls, but still not resolved. 
    What happened to Elite? Can the problem be solved in timely manner? 
    It is a bit disappointment after several weeks' waiting.  
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