Changing Default Year for Processing Group Certificates

KayzakKayzak Member Posts: 3
edited September 1 in Single Touch Payroll App
Hi All, I have just realized that I have to generate my employees group certificates through Reckon STP and I have to do this through my iPhone which is the input device I have used to do allReckon payruns. So when I click onto employees and then pay summary there is no option to create the group certificate. Upon further investigation I found out that I had to change the default year back to 2019/20. Atm it is showing as the 20/21 financial year and there is no option to generate the group certificate. So any help how to change the default year back to 19/20, if in fact this is what I have to do, would be great and then how to create the group certificate.. I just hope that the problem isn’t that I’m doing this through a mobile phone and due to the screen size I just can’t see the option?? Many thanks people.... Myles
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