Initial YTD Figures Appear From Nowhere

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Hi All, I am using Reckon STP on my mobile. When looking in the pay summary fro 2019/2020 I seem to have all of these ‘+ Initial YTD’ amounts seemingly from nowhere. I never entered them even when I set up my employees this year... does anyone know how they got there? I guess I’ll just do an adjustment event to match my Reckon Pay Summaries with my actual real world MYOB entries. Is that the correct action? Many thanks everyone. Myles


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    Hi Kayzak,
    The balances you see in the 'Initial YTD' are any figures that were entered when the employee was first created in the app. When creating an employee, the app will ask if they have been paid anything to date in the current FY. If you answer yes and enter in a balance this is where it will appear in the EOFY report.

    To correct or amend any balances, you can do so by creating an Update Event, and there's detailed info on this here - 
    HELP GUIDE: How do I update my employee balances in the STP app?
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