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Hi Everyone,

It is a small business with 2 employees and I use Android Reckon free app. When I create a pay run I just copy the previous one and lodge. What I found 2 months+ ago and did not take into account is the 'Final Payment' button I had before on the declaration page. It disappeared way before the end of FY20. Now my employees are stuck with not finalised payments on the myGov/ATO. I could not find any option in the software to close/report FY20.

Any ideas? Thanks!


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    Hi Serge,
    My first recommendation would to be update to the latest edition of the STP app which is currently v1.13.5.
    The newer updates to the app bring in a more comprehensive EOFY finalisation process.

    After updating, please ensure you follow the process outlined here to finalise your EOFY 2019/20 -
    HELP GUIDE: End of Financial Year finalisation with the STP app
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