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Commenced STP 1/7/19 , started off using mobile app then switched to PC. Need to amalgamate as ATO has listed the lodgement from Mobile app as well. Please Help ! Deb


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    Hi Debra,
    While you can't merge the data that has been sent from the free STP app to the submissions sent from GovConnect, instead you can effectively cancel or 'zero' the balances sent from the STP app by sending an update event.

    Ensure that your STP app is updated to the current version (v1.13.5) and then tap on the EOFY 2019/20 report. Note down the full balances that are showing for each employee in this report. Create an Update Event for each employee and enter the negative balances for each employee to bring their balances back to zero.

    For example, if Employee John Smith shows a gross pay balance of $50000.00 and $500.00 tax then enter -$50000.00 gross pay and -$500.00 tax into the update event for this employee.

    Send the update event through and it will alter the balances that are currently on the ATO end for each employee.
    There's more detailed info on how to use an Update Event to amend your balances in the following help guide - 
    HELP GUIDE: How do I update my employee balances in the STP app?
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