EOFY Report Adjustments Issues

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I am using the free reckon STP application and am having some problems with the EOFY Reports. All of the pays in the 19-20 fin year are coming up in the 20-21 fin year report and only recent adjustments made in 19-20 in update events created after submitting the initial 19-20 financial year report are now coming up in the 19-20 report. This has transferred over to the ATO and is incorrect. How can I correct this? I would expect all pay runs in from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 to be picked up in the 19-20 financial year report.   

Also - how can I delete an incorrect payrun so it can be excluded from the EOFY Run?


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    Hi Bill,
    Which version of the STP app are you using currently? (You'll find your version number in the Settings section in the app).

    If you are on anything older than the current version, v1.13.5, please download the update from your respective app store.

    I have a feeling that your issue may be stemming from this -
    IMPORTANT STP App UPDATE v1.13.1 - Balances being allocated to incorrect FY
  • Bill TsourdalakisBill Tsourdalakis Member Posts: 2
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    Hi Rav,

    I have subsequently run an update and am now on v 1.13.5.   Not sure if I need to initialise or reset the app.  When I run the 19-20 report it only shows me recent the recent updates.   I know that I can run an update event on the 30th of June to get th figures to those that my accountant wants to be displayed, but I still don't understand why the 20-21 report is picking up most of the data from the 20-21 period.   

    Is there a reason that 20-21 is even available yet,  I would think you should only activate that near the end of the fin year.

    So in summary I still have 19-20 pay runs not appearing in the 19-20 EOFY report and instead appearing in the 20-21 report.  

    Let me know what you think I should do.

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