Incomplete reporting to ATO using Reckon STP v 1.13.5

JaiJai Member Posts: 1
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I am a small business owner with only one employee on Payroll for now. I use Reckon STP (v1.13.5) app for Payroll reporting to ATO. I have reported his salary for all 12 months in the last financial year on time (quarterly) however employee’s income statement is showing salary reporting only for one quarter i.e. 3 quarters reporting is showing approved by ATO in the app but hasn’t been updated or reported on employee’s account (Income statement accessed via ATO portal). Any guidance?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,879 Administrator

    Hi there @Jai,

    Just to confirm, do all four submissions that you entered for this employee in the STP app show a 'Success' status?

    Have there been any failed submissions that have resulted in an 'Error' status during the year?

    If you open the EOFY2019/20 report in the STP app, it will bring up a full breakdown of what has been entered into the app for this employee via submissions. Are the balances that are appearing in the EOFY Report accurate in terms of what it should be in reality?

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