Change Company Name and ABN

Hi there

I downloaded the reckon STP app a while ago and listed a company (CJT PTY LTD Abn: 93 001 328 534). However I don't need to report from that company, as there are no employees under that company but I will need to report for another company. Is it possible to change this?



Abn: 93 001 328 534


Company name: Atef Ghaly

Abn: 30 914 289 102


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,879 Administrator

    Hi there @AG20,

    I've had a quick look and can see there have been no submissions sent under the initial ABN (93 001 328 534).

    I've gone ahead and deleted it from your app account. Please logout, close the app in full ie. swipe it away from your running apps. Open the app back up and login. It should then ask you to enter a new ABN and go through the normal setup.

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