Senior and Pensioner Tax Offset - T1

FranOrangeFranOrange Member Posts: 4

I am wondering when a fix for the above will ever be implemented?

Elite is calculating the T1 offset for those that are 65, when the relevant threshold age (for a non-veteran) is 66.

This has been a problem since the 2018 financial year software was released, when the age increased from 65 to 65.5 years of age.

I had an at length conversation with a Reckon Elite manager back in 2018 about this and still it is not fixed.

Every two years, the age threshold changes by half a year until the 2024 financial year, when it reaches 67 years of of age (for non-veterans).

Can someone please advise?


  • Michael LeeMichael Lee Reckon Staff Posts: 23

    Hi. This is Michael from Reckon Elite Support. I've passed your question on to Elite Development & will post back here when I hear back from them.

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