Franking Credit Return (2020) - Reckon Elite Tax

FranOrangeFranOrange Member Posts: 4

When creating a new 2020 Franking Credit Return (VR) for an existing client that had a franking return in 2019, Practice Manager populates the "Lodgement Status" field upon exiting (closing) the 2020 Franking Credit Return.

It automatically enters last years lodgment date and enters "Manual Entry" into the Lodgement File name and Lodged By fields. (Bottom Right of the image)

This prevent you from being able to lodge the Franking Credit return, without first having to "Tax Jobs" tab for each client and deleting the Manual Entry Lodgement date for each 2020 Franking Return that you want to lodge.

Yet again an other frustrating practice when lodging multiple 2020 Franking Credit Returns.

Also I would be helpful to share Franking Credit data with related clients OR Pre-Fill franking credit data OR even rollover franking credit entries from the previous year.

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