Setting employment data on Payroll contacts

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Is there any way to set EmploymentType, the award and so-on? I can retrieve the data but attempts to set it have all failed. this would seem like pretty fundamental data, is there any reason that this isn't exposed in the API?

Sample of the retrieved data that I'd like to apply to other imported employees is below.


 "ContactId": "****3b1f2f68d581",

 "CashbookId": "****14faeb4f83d7",

 "EmployeeData": {

  "EmployeeNumber": null,

  "EmploymentType": 3,

  "Award": "Restaurant Industry Award",

  "AwardId": "d195c0ae-ae0e-4eae-af46-9e4b88422af3",

  "ClassificationId": 1851,

  "Classification": "Food and Beverage Attendant, Grade 1",

  "PayFrequencyId": 1,

  "PaySchedule": "Partime staff",

  "PayScheduleId": "40489a90-bd57-489a-af22-e257090d7a18"