STP Free App - new phone login problems - Old phone screen died

I have been using the free STP app on an android phone on behalf of a client for several months. The screen on that phone has died and I now have a new phone. On the new phone I have installed the free STP App v1.13.5 from Google Play Store, however, when I try to login in, my email and password are accepted but on the next screen it wants a phone number to set up 2-factor authorisation. I have tried inputting both my phone number (which is registered on the Reckon Portal) & that also ph of my client, yet neither us accepted, instead sending an error "An error occurred invalid or missing data".

I have tried numerous times to remove the app completely & reinstall etc, my phone number is registered on the Reckon portal. I think the client's number was registered in the app on the old phone, but still doesn't work when I input that on new phone. Would you please provide an email address I can send information to so that I can get this looked at as a matter of urgency please. I do not wish to list ABN & phone numbers etc on this public community forum and want to have a private conversation.

Thanks Gbooks


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,897 Administrator

    HI @Gbooks, apologies for the delay in getting to your post.

    Are you using the same email address & password that was registered to the app account initially? The reason I ask is, the app should not be asking you to enter a new phone number for your MFA codes if it was already done previously. It should instead just be sending a MFA code to the existing phone number associated to the account.

    There's no issue with providing an ABN on the Community here, (we don't need or require phone numbers etc) but if you'd rather send the full details including ABN, company name, email address associated with the account etc to me at [email protected] Attention it to me and include the link to this discussion in the email and I'll take a look.


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