Reverse STP JobKeeper Transactions via Reckon GovConnect?


My business is ineligible for JobKeeper so the ATO removed the casual employees declared in July and did not make any JobKeeper payments to my business account.

Noticed today that they have not reversed the STP JobKeeper transactions that I processed in error via Reckon GovConnect. These erroneous transactions are therefore still showing up on the ATO business portal as well as the 2020/2021 income of the casual employees that were deemed ineligible for JobKeeper.

Is there a way to reverse these erroneous STP JobKeeper transactions via Reckon GovConnect or do I need to call the ATO?

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    Hi @1303507

    I've just had a word with our Compliance Officer in regard to your question and its a tricky one to answer.

    At the point in which you sent the submissions with the JK component, at that point the info/submissions were 'correct' in the sense it was the state of play for your business & employees. Obviously now that has changed with the ATO deeming ineligibility.

    The recommendation here at this point is to speak with the ATO first to determine what, if any, changes are needed or required or if they are able to amend any ineligible balances.

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    Thanks @Rav, will ring the ATO and get them to amend these ineligible balances for both my company and the casual employees that were deemed inelgible.

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    Hi @Rav, ATO have advised that they cannot amend STP JobKeeper transactions. Was advised to speak to you about how to process Update Event transactions to reverse the ineligible balances. Can you please assist?

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,886 Administrator

    Hi @1303507

    I think I'll need to get some additional info around your scenario so I'll do that, but just a quick follow up. Can you let me know which Reckon product you're using as it will determine how you will create an Update Event.

    (This discussion has been marked as the STP mobile app but since you've referenced GovConnect, I have a pretty good indication that is not the Reckon software you're using.)

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    Hi @Rav

    All good now - after more discussions with ATO and my accountant, managed to reverse the erroneous JobKeeper transactions by using Full File Replacements to update them to $0.01 allowances, for the casual employees deemed ineligible.

    My accountant has checked on the ATO business portal and confirmed that the $0.01 allowance transactions have been processed.

    FYI, I am using Reckon Accounts desktop.

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