ATO acknowldeges Software ID however reports still declined. ATO advises Reckon issue.

For the past 3 months my Pay Runs have been submitted but the error still states the ATO has declined it and I need to contact the ATO to register my ID. Today is 29/9/20 and I have just got off the phone with the ATO who advises they can see my Software ID in their system and have no idea why Reckon is giving me errors.

The ATO re-entered the ID and I tried re-submitting July 2020 payrun however I still have an error. I logged out and back in again to no avail.

The ATO advises there is nothing wrong on their end and it must be an issue with the app.

I have July, August and September reports still showing the same error. Please advise what I need to do to sort this out. Thank you.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,886 Administrator

    Hi @PurpleLife

    Prior to this first occurring 3 months ago, were you able to successfully send through submissions? Or have you not been able to send through any submissions at all since starting to use the STP app?

    Can you post a screenshot of the specific error message you've received from the latest submission you've sent through.

    Can head into the 'Company' section in the app and confirm that the correct ABN has been registered into the app. (Verify the ABN and company details that are appearing).

  • PurpleLifePurpleLife Member Posts: 3

    Hi Rav and thank you for getting back to me.

    Yes, every month since September 2019 I have successfully submitted Pay Runs which were approved.

    I posted the attached file which is a screen shot of the error.

    I double checked the Company section in the app again and all details are correct for my company and registered with the app. It simply stopped working in July and kept asking for me to contact ATO to verify the software ID which, as mentioned I have done so and the ATO are seeing the ID registered in their systems and believe it is an issue with Reckon.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,886 Administrator
    edited September 2020

    Thanks for getting back to me @PurpleLife and for the screenshot, its really helpful.

    So a few things to clarify, that error message isn't actually related to the Software ID but rather its related to the SBR2 service which handles STP transmissions to the ATO.

    When there are issues with the ATO's SBR2 service or if its down for maintenance etc, then this response is sent back from the ATO when a submission is sent. This weekend just gone for example, some ATO systems had maintenance being performed which affected submissions and resulted in the same situation as what you've outlined.

    Now in saying all that, you've mentioned this happened to you consistently over 3 months which sounds odd, extraordinarily bad luck, or potentially something else going on.

    My usual recommendation in these cases are to send it through again as a normal submission. Currently when I view the ATO's status page (2:45pm), it shows the SBR2 service is fully up & running. Are you able to send through the submission again and confirm the status?

  • PurpleLifePurpleLife Member Posts: 3

    Hi there, I tried again and all 3 have now submitted. I'm not sure why they haven't done so before. As you say could have just been bad luck. I doing so, I seem to have now had both Julys submitted and approved so I assume they will see double entry and realise I submitted twice!

    Thank you for your support on this.

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