Update event or New payroll?

Hey hey,

I currently have three employees in the single touch payroll app but the ATO told me that there are only two employees showing up on the record instead of three. Two of them I do the new payroll process but for the third one, I use update event. Is that why he isn't being sent to the ATO record?



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,886 Administrator

    Hi @amandaaa

    Can you step me through why you've been using the Update Event option for this one specific employee as opposed to a normal new pay run like the two others?

    Did the ATO confirm that it was this specific employee who you've been sending Update Events for that is missing on their end?

    For some context, an update event is used to correct/amend reported YTD balances. There's more detailed info on this here -

  • amandaaaamandaaa Member Posts: 2

    Hi Rav,

    It's because he was a new employee, so I thought I needed to click on the update event for that reason. But now I know that I should just stick to using the normal new pay run.

    Thank you,


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