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When I signed up for Reckon STP last year, the app truncated my email address. I managed for some time like this (as I was unable to get any help to change it) however I have now forgotten my password and because the email address for the account is incorrect, I cannot do a password reset.

The email address was registered as [email protected] (the .au was truncated from the end). The business ABN 29 132 168 837

How can I change this so that I can access the account? I cannot simply delete the account as the version was registered with the ATO and the entire financial year payroll reports were submitted but no end of year process has been able to be completed.

I look forward to your help.


  • lyndelllyndell Member Posts: 2

    Hi Cas, the same thing happened to me! Have you been able to change it yet? If so can you please tell me how you did

    kind Regards


  • Cas2020Cas2020 Member Posts: 2

    Hi Lyn,

    So sorry for the delay, the email notification went to my junk mail and I gave up checking to see if Reckon were going to help.

    I haven't been able to resolve and cannot get an answer from Reckon.

    I contacted the ATO and explained the situation, have given my employees a end of year statement so they can submit that with their tax and will be registering a new product with someone else for STP for this financial year.

    Very frustrating, but the ATO were albeit slightly shocked, very helpful in assuring me that I had nothing outstanding from their point of view and that my course of action was fine.

    Good luck and sorry I couldn't help.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,896 Administrator

    Hi folks,

    To change the email address associated with your free STP app account follow the steps below.

    • Head over to the Reckon Portal here and login with your app account email address & password
    • Click on 'Profile' in the top right corner
    • Edit your email address and click SAVE
    • Login to the STP app with your new email address
  • lyndelllyndell Member Posts: 2

    Hi Cassy what Rav said worked for me. Good luck with it.

    thanks Rav

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