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This app has been working well for me for the last few months. However, for the pay run of 25/9/20, I had the following error message:

"The value provided to identify the receiving party is not recognized, or a request has been made for a service not offered by the receiving party."

I have not changed any settings in the app and have had no problem with the pay run before or after the one of 25/9/20. (I do them weekly.)

The only difference in pay run 25/9/20 to others around it, is that there was a super payment to each of my 2 employees, ( besides showing gross pay and Tax withheld).

Thank you to anyone who has a suggestion about what to do.



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    Since posting this issue, I noticed it had been asked before, and the suggestion of resubmitting the pay run has solved the problem for me. However...….one thing leads to another, I now have 2 pay runs listed  for 25/9/20 (the error pay run and the correct one). The result:  the year to date gross pay, tax, super, for each employee  is incorrect. Is there a way to delete the "error pay run" or is  there another solution to this new problem (which will occur whenever there is an error pay run, for whatever reason). 

    With Thanks to anyone who attempts an answer,


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    Hi @gghoro

    Glad to hear at least one part of this has been addressed.

    Now in regard to your follow up, you're correct the Pay Summary balances that the app shows is an accumulation of ALL submissions regardless of their result which is why you're seeing the addition of the totals from the erroneous submission added. Unfortunately, there is no ability for us to only show the actual/live balance that is sitting on the ATO end at the moment but we're looking into what we can do in this area to make it a better experience.

    Now to answer your question, to amend/correct your balances in the STP app you can create an Update Event. Tap on the blue + symbol and select 'New Update Event'.

    Lets say for example your first submission was for employee John Smith for $100.00 gross pay, $50.00 tax and $10.00 super. In the Update Event, you'd enter the opposite of this ie. -$100.00 gross pay, -$50.00 tax and -$10.00 super for the same employee.

    This will adjust the payment summary balance in the app. I'll add a link below to our help guide which outlines in more detail how to use an Update Event to amend/correct balances in the app -

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    Dear Rav,

    Thanks. I followed your advice, so the totals on Reckon STP are now correct. However,.....The ATO did not receive the Error pay run for 25/9/20. It did receive the updated pay run for 25/920, sent over the weekend. Once I sent a further update today for 25/9/20 (with minus numbers, following the above advice), as far as the ATO is concerned, no wages were paid for 25/9/20. It seems to me once an error message appears with a pay run, you have to choose between having correct figures lodged with the ATO, (which I feel is the preferred choice) or having correct totals in Reckon STP, you can't have both.

    To Rav and anyone else reading this message, I hope I have made myself clear.


  • Joseph LiJoseph Li Member Posts: 341


    What matters are the figures in the myGov income statement. Update event sends app YTD totals to ATO to update myGov income statement.

    Pay run also sends app YTD totals to ATO.

    Business Portal might not show any pay event for 25/09/20, but that pay event figures would have been included in myGov income statement by now.

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