STP Error from ATO

On 27/9/20 I recorded a payroll entry for a client using the STP Mobile App and received an error Message from ATO later that day when I checked submission. I had the option to "Review & Update" which I did Then I saw same error so left processing it until 28/9 at which time it appeared to go through.

Coincidentally, the ATO was doing system upgrades over that weekend, so maybe that caused the problem.

Anyway, the issue that I now have is that the pays have been doubled up and I have 2 extra pays. Standard pay is $3,500 Gross/month less $500 Tax but as you will see from attachment there are 5 pays at ATO instead of 3 and this is also the case on the Employee's Year to date in App. see below

What's even more confusing s that when the "review" goes through to ATO Portal from the STP App, no figures are shown. See below

I assume I have to do a Negative review to fix this, but in future do we just ignore these ATO errors whenn we know their systems are down??

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