Draft is made and saved but not submitted to ATO BUT it added towards the total of my whole income t

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I made a draft and save it. Then when I look for the draft it doesn’t appear so I make a new pay run and submitted.

I thought the draft will just be ignored as it’s not submitted. then at year end income tax it added the draft pay run and the one I submitted and I have extra income and payg and superannuation that doesn’t tally with what I’ve submitted to ATO. So I went to the reckon mobile app and delete the draft thinking it would balance this time but it doesnt. So I rang Reckon support the girl told me to make a pay run dates 30/6/2020 and amount as the draft pay run but reverse it by putting negative in everything. I did and the gross salary and superannuation all match. Except the PAYG which has $270 extra in it. I’m not sure how to fix it. And now the accountant ask me cannot reconcile stp with the ATO as the reckon App said unfinalised STP STATEMENT. Does anyone know how to do this ?


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    My accountant is clueless about this App so she can’t help me much. When I rang Reckon they said they can’t help as it’s a free app. Have to pay to use support

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    So do I rang ATO that Reckon STP is default , do I submit new ones?

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    Hi @Gwon12000

    The 'Pay Summary' section in the STP app will show an accumulated total of ALL submissions regardless of their status ie. Success, Error, Pending etc PLUS any YTD pay balance that was entered for the employee when they were first set up. Due to this, at times it can become out of sync with what your figures should be in real terms.

    If you're at the stage where you need to send through your EOFY finalisation here's what I'd recommend you do. First make sure you're on version v1.13.1 of the app if you aren't already (check your app store for any available updates).

    Go into your EOFY2019/20 report in the app and note down the figures its showing for each employee. If they are incorrect which it sounds like they are based on what you've mentioned then go out of the EOFY report and create an adjustment in the app for each employee to bring their balances in line with what they should be reality.

    Example: if the Pay Summary section in the app is showing $5000.00 gross pay whereas in reality it should only be $3000.00 then the adjustment you create for that employee is -$2000.00 gross pay.

    Once you have done the necessary corrections, go back into the EOFY 2019/20 report and you will notice the figures are now correct there. 

    Send through the EOFY finalisation. When you do, the EOFY Report will OVERWRITE any and all balances that the ATO received PRIOR to that. This way you know that you're sending through the full & final correct YTD figures for each employee.

    The EOFY process is outlined in this help guide. Please refer to it -

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    thanks for the reply! You’re so helpful! Yes in the summary after I submitted the negative payment to cancel out the draft I have deleted, the gross salary has gone back to the correct amount the superannuation short of $2 so I just ignore that, but the payg has become $270 extra. So I’ll have to make another pay run to negative the payg $270 and see if it works then. How long does it take to sync?

    i have told me accountant to look at the summary too but she said it shows unfinalised. Hence I do not know what to do

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    Hi @Gwon12000

    From the sounds of it yes you'll need to create another update event for -$270.00 for the employee that is showing the extra amount in the app. Please note, you need to use an Update Event not a pay run.

    Once the balances are correct in the app, you MUST send a new EOFY Finalisation report from the app so that the income statement can switch to 'Tax Ready' on the MyGov/ATO side. If this is not completed the income statement will not change status with the ATO as they must be notified that the 2019/20 Financial Year has been finalised.

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