ATO YTD Figures are incorrect for 2019/20

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My Accountant just printed a copy of my ATO YTD income statement and the figures I entered into the STP differ to the figures generated to the ATO (which are wrong). I have noticed the YTD figures on STP have a message saying "The amount below are a sum of all payments made to Lisa, including the year-to-date amts you entered when you created this employee record". This means it has added extra figures in for the - Gross Pay, Tax and Super figures. My accountant has advised I need to send an adjustment to the ATO using your software . Can you please advise on how to do this?

My Correct Gross amt should be: $23,595 but STP is reporting $43,395.

MY Correct Tax withheld should be: $1530 but STP is reporting $2822.

My Correct Super should be: 2241 but STP is reporting $4122.

Please advise as soon as possible,

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    Hi Lisa,

    Which Reckon software are you using? (This discussion has been posted into the 'About Reckon Community' category, so just need to confirm).

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    Hi there, I use Reckon STP app on my mobile phone.

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    Thanks Lisa,

    Have you had any submissions sent throughout the year that have returned an error or are in pending status etc?

    The reason I ask is, the 'Pay Summary' section in the STP app will show an accumulated total of ALL submissions regardless of their status ie. Success, Error, Pending etc, PLUS any YTD pay balance that was entered for the employee when they were first set up. Due to this, at times it can become out of sync with what your figures should be in real terms.

    Do these balances you've specified above relate to the previous 2019/20 financial year or are they for the current 20/21 FY?

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    No, I haven't had any submissions with errors through the year. all the submissions went through to ATO and are approved.

    The balances I have stated are from July 2019- June 2020 FY.

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    Which version of the STP app are you currently using? You'll find the version in the Settings screen or the login screen.

    If you are on any version other than v1.13.5 please check your app store for an update to download & install. (This is an important step).

    Go into your EOFY2019/20 report in the app and note down the figures its showing for each employee. If they are incorrect which it sounds like they are based on what you've mentioned then go out of the EOFY report and create an Update Event in the app for each employee to bring their balances in line with what they should be reality.

    To create an Update Event in the app, click the blue + symbol and select 'Update Event'.

    Example: if the Pay Summary section in the app is showing $5000.00 gross pay whereas in reality it should only be $3000.00 then the adjustment you create for that employee is -$2000.00 gross pay.

    Once you have done the necessary corrections, go back into the EOFY 2019/20 report and you will notice the figures are now correct there. 

    Send through the EOFY finalisation. When you do, the EOFY Report will OVERWRITE any and all balances that the ATO received PRIOR to that. This way you know that you're sending through the full & final correct YTD figures for each employee.

    There is more info below on how to use an Update Event to correct employee balances and also the End of Financial Year finalisation with the STP app -

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    Thankyou very much Rav, I have followed your instructions and it has worked!!!

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    Good to hear and thanks for letting me know 😊

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