How do I Re-Run when I have already Re-Run once before

I noted JOBKEEPER FINISH FN13 on my pay run 1/10. The ATO sent me a letter saying I should re-run noting JOBKEEPER START FN13 because my notation indicates my employees have missed out on the last fortnight of Jobkeeper 1.0 and hence my employer will only get 1 fortnight of Jobkeeper instead of 2.

So, I changed the notation on the payslips, then did a re-run on STP. When I checked the "detail" part of each employee, it still had the old FINISH notation, and not the START notation. So the ATO hasn't not anything to make them recognise the final fortnight eligibility.

I deleted all of the payslips for that week, redid them with the correct notation for the ATO, tried to upload them as a re-run (twice) but because I had already done a re-run, it was rejected with the notation:

  • We were unable to process your submission because we could not locate the submission that you have requested to be replaced
  • We were unable to process your submission because the file you wanted to replace has already been replaced

When I went in and looked at the detail of the new payslips it had the old JOBKEEPER FINISH FN13 anyway, and not the new notation JOBKEEPER START FN13.

Talk about stressful! We have paid our employees the Jobkeeper, but my employer will miss out on the final fortnight from the ATO if I can't get this sorted!

Help me please!

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