end of year report

My end of year summary had the wrong figures in. only just found out, How to I amend this. on my Reckon app I don't have the make adjustment box come up after pressing the blue button with the cross.

Regards Ray


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,896 Administrator

    Hi @Debray1967

    It sounds like you may need to create an Update Event in the app to amend your employee balances to what they should be. I'll link a guide below which explains how to do this but before that, its crucial that you are on the latest version of the STP app (currently v1.13.5). please check your app store for any available updates.

    If you are amending balances for the previous 2019/20 financial year, please ensure you that you date your Update Event as 30 June 2020 or some other date in the last financial year.

    Once you have made the necessary corrections, you need to send through another End of Financial Year finalisation. Upon doing so, all previous balances that have been sent to the ATO will be overridden with the new balances in the app for 2019/20. I'll also link our guide for the End of Financial Year finalisation with the STP app below.

  • Debray1967Debray1967 Member Posts: 2

    Thank you Rav

    Just resent it with the correct figures

    Regards Ray

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