Reckon Accounts Plus 2020 where to enter employee TFN

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Hello, I am trying to set up STP and cannot locate where to enter employee TFN?

  1. In the "preparing your company file" help section it specifies "Change tabs to Payroll and Compensation Info and go to Taxes" The reckon I'm using does not have this tab, or any other tab which allows me to enter tax info.

Thank you


  • NEILRNEILR Reckon Staff Posts: 5


    If you go to Edit - Preferences - Payroll & Employees - Company Preferences, you should see a Full Payroll preference, select this and then edit the Employee again and you should be able to see the tab.

  • 373soph373soph Member Posts: 3

    Thanks Neil, I followed your instructions, and full payroll is already selected. ? any other suggestions?

  • NEILRNEILR Reckon Staff Posts: 5

    When you edit the Employee, what do you see?

    There should be a drop down at the top where you can select the Payroll & Compensation Info tab

  • 373soph373soph Member Posts: 3

    Thanks Neil, yep followed this and it worked . Thanks!

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