Business closing on 26/11/2020

Hi, my boss is closing the business on 26/11/2020 and I am getting things organised for the final day. I am the only employee. Do I enter my long service leave in Allowances? Is there somewhere I advise the final payment? Do I need to keep the App open until 30/06/2021? Please advise any other procedures for final payments that I need to make happen. Thanks Maree


  • Maree HeapMaree Heap Member Posts: 23

    Can anyone help me with this situation? Maree

  • Joseph LiJoseph Li Member Posts: 341

    I don’t think the free STP app can handle lump sum A payments. You might be able to report employment termination payments on paper payment summary. So for 2020/21 income year year you would have an STP income statement and also a paper PAYG payment summary. ATO might advise on what to do in your situation.

  • Maree HeapMaree Heap Member Posts: 23

    Thank you Joseph, I will follow up with the ATO.

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