cannot find company when setting up app

When I type in ABN or Company name nothing happens and I cannot click on next.

ABN 40 643 857 201

Clair Sykes Pty Ltd


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,895 Administrator
    edited October 14

    Hi @clairsykes

    When I take a look at that ABN on our end, it shows that its already been registered into an STP app account last month. However when I take a closer look at the account itself, while it does look to be yours, the email address has been misspelt ie. hotmail has been spelt as hotmsil.

    One other thing that I need to clarify with you before making any changes though. I can see that you have an account under your 'correct' email address which already has an ABN registered to it (a different one to 40 643 857 201). So need to confirm, are you attempting to register ABN 40 643 857 201 into an app account under your hotmail address or some other email address?

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