Duplicated payrun in YTD payroll summaries for employees

MkrMkr Member Posts: 1

We use the free STP app. I’ve looked online in reckon and reckon community for a solution to my problem and can’t find one.

 The Payroll Summary (YTD) for all employees is incorrect. I’ve worked out why - the Totals are picking up two “declined” payruns. 

 For the first two payruns I did, the ATO hadn’t been notified of which software we were using. I rectified that, and updated the payruns – resubmitted them and they were accepted. The “error” payruns are still sitting in the history…. How do I delete the “error” payruns – or alter the YTD to exclude the duplication?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,886 Administrator

    Hi @Mkr

    The Pay Summary section in the app shows an accumulated total of ALL submissions regardless of their status ie. Success, Error, Pending etc PLUS any YTD pay balance that was entered for the employee when they were first set up. Due to this, it can become out of sync with what your figures should be. In your case as you've mentioned, its likely taking into account the balances from the 2 erroneous submissions.

    To amend the pay summary balances, you can create an Update Event in the app and I'll link to our guide which outlines this process step by step below.

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