Reporting new payroll figures to the ATO

I have been using the free STP app since May with no issues. In fact it has been incredibly easy and seamless. However, I went to report 2 fortnight periods for October 2020 and when I hit the 'new payroll' icon (bottom right hand side of the screen once logged in) - the app takes me to a page with a link to the 'App Store' to download the paid subscription app product. There does now seem to be any way to close this page - I have tried everything I can think of. So - I went through to the App Store and downloaded the recommended product and only then realised it is a paid subscription app. I do not want to use the paid subscription app - I want to continue with the free app - but cannot seem to find a way to report the October 2020 fortnightly periods to the ATO. Has anyone encountered this issue or can anyone provide any guidance? Thanks in advance.


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    Hi @ZZZ123

    Can you please close the app in full ie. swipe it away from your running apps and then reopen it.

    While the Reckon Payroll app (paid) has a close relationship with the free STP app in the sense that you can migrate your existing data over to it, there's no requirement to use it if you don't need it.

    Once you're back in the STP app, rather than hit the 'Payroll' button at the bottom, press the blue + button in the top right corner to create a new submission.

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    Thank you! I will give this a try.

  • ZZZ123ZZZ123 Member Posts: 3

    Thank you so much. This worked perfectly! :)

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