Clitch in the STP App causing incorrect data to be sent to the ATO

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One of our staff was terminated on 7 June 2019, and ceased on our STP app on that day. Since then, we have not entered any details on the app, or submitted a payment summary for the end of the fin year. However, when they went to do their tax for the year, they were advised that they owed the ATO the tax for year of income from our company, however, he did not work with us. According to the ATO, we have submitted a payment summary to them, however, in the STP system, there is nothing showing and we have not entered any details for him since he was terminated.

This is an urgent matter as this is currently classed as money outstanding to the ATO.

Thank you in advance,


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    Hi @AAR

    Since then, we have not entered any details on the app, or submitted a payment summary for the end of the fin year.

    Just on the above, you've mentioned you didn't submit anything for this employee at the end of financial year. Does that mean you didn't include them in the EOFY finalisation?

    How did you process the termination for this employee in the app itself?

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    I entered his end date as being the 7 June 2019 in his profile.

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    Hi @Rav

    This matter is extremely urgent, as they are being harrassed by the tax office. Could somebody please get back to me asap. It would be preferred if I could talk to someone on the phone as this is a serious ATO issue. Thank you.

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    Have you spoken to the ATO yourself to determine what they want you to do?

    I had an issue a few months ago where the ATO kept bouncing me to Reckon but I had to persist with the ATO until I actually got to someone who knew what they were doing and they made whatever adjustments they needed on their end.

    Not saying that is your situation but I'd say that's a good place to start.

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    @Eric Murphy

    Thank you for your help. I'm currently going through that info with them at the moment, and it appears that is what they are doing with me. They have told me it is a STP glitch and that it needs to be rectified by Reckon, otherwise if they are required to fix it, it may take 2-4 months at a cost to our company, for a fault that is not ours, and the other party will still be requested to pay the money, and their tax will not be processed for them. Its so frustrating that I cannot speak to anyone from Reckon to fix this quickly, as I have been through the past year and a half of entries and there is nothing for this past employee at all. Apparently, according to the ATO this is a common issue that they have had happen before sadly.

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    Hi @AAR

    I understand that you're quite rightly concerned by this. At the moment however, there just isn't enough information to make some kind of determination on what has occurred and what needs to be done.

    If you have added an end date to the employee in the app and also included them in your EOFY finalisation for the year then that is all that is required in the app to effectively close that employee off.

    I think we need a clearer indication from the ATO on what 'glitch' they believe to have happened here especially if they're stating its a common issue. We're happy to help where we can however we need more information at this stage.

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    The ATO have now escalated it to their corrections department. I spent over two hours on the phone with them yesterday, they could see I have made no entries for this employee since June 7 2019, or included him in any EOFY details, yet he appears in their system. They do not understand how this has occured, and is saying it is an error on Reckon's part in the STP system. They are currently investigating further, and have indicated it could take them a further 28 days to come to a conclusion.

    I don't know what other information I can give you other than confirming:

    Employee was terminated on 7 June 2019

    Details were closed off this day, and no entries have been entered in since.

    Was not included in 19/20 EOFY close off from my end yet according to ATO it is on their system

    If I look at my app, I cannot see anything that shows this at all

    I do not know what else to offer in the way of information. The app doesn't require a lot of information and is very basic to use.

    Is someone from Reckon able to look into my account and see if they can see what has happened please?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think because employee was not finalised for 2018/19 income year data was carried over into 2019/20 income year. You should finalised employee ASAP for 2018/19 income year, as suggested by @Rav.

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