Need help to update my employee info into MyGov

Hi, I’m a user of your STP app from iOS, as an employer I applied jobkeeper payment since March, at September I added one more employee on the list, but I never see her detail on the Mygov ATO Portal since then, I have to contact ATO to manually add her name at the end of month, and today, ATO told me they no longer manually add employee, all the info needs to be updated from STP software provider, so I’m requiring help at here, can someone help me out for this issue? Thanks


  • Joseph LiJoseph Li Member Posts: 341

    As employer you would not have access to employee’s myGov. In JobKeeper November 2020 monthly declaration new JobKeeper eligible employee can be added under ‘maintain employees’ using TFN, DOB etc. STP is not mandatory for JobKeeper. I know an employer who is not on board STP but his employee still gets JobKeeper wages.

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