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There is a difference between the Year End totals submitted by the STPapp and the amounts reported from the ATO. The STP reported is $111 705. The ATO Mygov 132 805. There is no obvious difference (e.g. missing month). My book keeper has called the ATO to resolve, but they say the adjustment must be made through Reckon. I cannot see any option to do this - even during a current month.

From my book keeper "I have just spoken to the ATO for a second time to try and resolve the issues with the STP lodgements for 2019 2020.


Unfortunately there is nothing the ATO can do to sort it out. There needs to be adjustments made to the STP finalisation in Reckon for last financial year to sort it. You should be able to download information from the Reckon site on how to process adjustments. If you want me to do it, you will need to give me the login details required to get into your file.


Otherwise, you can try to call the ATO yourself or leave it and see what happens. There is potential for them to process adjustments between what is lodged on your income tax returns and what has been processed via the BAS and STP which may affect your income tax returns."


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    Hi @Alistair808

    Which version of the STP app are you using? Please ensure you have the latest update installed which is currently v1.13.5 (check your app store for any available updates).

    Next, the first thing I'd recommend checking is the End of Financial Year report in the app. It will show a breakdown of the balances sent for each employee via submissions PLUS any YTD balance that was entered for them when they were initially created in the app.

    To amend your balances, you can do so by creating an Update Event in the app. I'll link a guide below that explains this in more detail. The key thing for you though is to ensure you date your Update Event 30 June 2020 or some other date in the previous 2019/20 financial year so the app knows which FY its adjusting the balances for.

    Once you have made the necessary amendments, send through another End of Financial Year finalisation. Any and all prior balances that were sent to the ATO from the app will be overwritten with the new finalisation.

  • Alistair808Alistair808 Member Posts: 2

    Thanks Rav. I have updated the "Update Event". Not sure how STP and MyGov total has managed to be different. Will see what happens within the Government Computer

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