How to delete employees off STP app

TanyaTanya Member Posts: 5

I have tried to delete resigned employees from the previous financial year and have entered their last day date but keep getting the message

”an unexpected error occurred. This has been logged for investigation”

Can you please advise how to delete these employees off the STP app. Thank you.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,785 Administrator

    Hi Tanya,

    Are there submissions currently in draft or pending status that this employee(s) are part of?

    If so, I believe that might be what is causing that message to appear.

  • TanyaTanya Member Posts: 5

    2 pay runs appear as “error” but were updated & rectified with the ATO, appearing on a separate pay run as “done”

    Only one of the employees I am trying to delete appears in these “error” runs. You do not appear to be able to delete these. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,785 Administrator

    I've tested this out by creating a dummy employee, sent a submission which I knew would result in a rejection ie. Error status and then deleted the employee who was part of the submission. They were deleted successfully.

    I created another dummy employee and have created some draft submissions for him which are still in my list as 'Draft'. I then attempted to delete this employee however because there were draft submissions still in the list I was unable to do so and received the same message as you did.

    Can you confirm there are no 'Pending' or 'Draft' submissions in your list at all for the employee(s) in question.

  • TanyaTanya Member Posts: 5

    Hi Rav, thank you for your assistance with this. I can confirm that my : “draft” tab is empty, “in progress” tab is empty and the only things in my “history “ tab are those to runs as errors?

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