STP App - Unable to access payroll & process any wages

Ive been using the STP app for over a year with no problems

Now trying to login and asks for ABN 92 260 522 919, select company, says company is already registered, goes back to login page, login again, goes back to select company/abn and keeps going in a loop.

I have not been able to process wages for the last couple of weeks

Any help appreciated please


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,785 Administrator

    Hi @jenac901

    Can I just confirm, are you using the same login credentials ie. email address/password combination that you used when you first created the account?

    I've had a look at your account on our end using the ABN that you've listed above, and the account shows me the email address its under is the same email address your Community account is registered under. Is that what you're using?

  • jenac901jenac901 Member Posts: 5

    Yes that is correct , I’m using [email protected]

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,785 Administrator
    edited November 16

    Thanks @jenac901

    Are you using the Android or iOS version of the app? Can you do me a favour and please check that you have the latest version installed, currently v1.13.5. Check your app store for any available updates.

    Failing that, can you please uninstall the STP app from your phone. Restart your phone and then reinstall & login.

    Let me know if there is any change (or not).


    ~ EDIT: Have there been any changes to your phone since the last time you were able to login successfully? ie. new phone or OS update that you know of?

  • jenac901jenac901 Member Posts: 5

    Yes I’m currently using the latest version 1.13.5 & version iOS14.2 .I have uninstalled the app , shut down my phone & rebooted - then installed app again . Unfortunately I am still experiencing the same issue .

  • jenac901jenac901 Member Posts: 5

    I did update the os in between logins

  • jenac901jenac901 Member Posts: 5

    Still waiting on some help to my login loop issue. I haven't been able to record wages since last quarter.

    I have done everything you suggested & still no resolution .


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