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Hi, I've been using my email for lodging the STP on behalf of the company with the ABN 59107089752. Now I want to cancel that ABN linking to my email account. The company is already using another email address for its Reckon Hosted account and would like to group everything into one account only.

Could your staff contact me ASAP and solve the problem?

I've tried to edit the contact email in my account and when I entered the company email address, it said" The new email is already associated with an existing account".

Please advise what I can do next.



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,785 Administrator

    Hi @Sherry76

    It sounds like you were on the right track from what you've described. If you'd like to change the email address associated with your STP app account then you need to update to a new email address, one that is not currently linked to any existing accounts.

    The other option is to transfer the ownership of the existing ABN in your app account to a new email address that is linked to an existing account but is NOT registered to an STP app registration (I can check this if you provide the email address). The transfer of ownership option will also require a written & signed statutory declaration by the owner of the ABN requesting this.

  • Sherry76Sherry76 Member Posts: 4

    The email address that I want to transfer to is [email protected] It’s an existing account and be using the Reckon Hosted service many years already.

    If a written and signed statutory declaration is required, where should I send it to?

    Thanks for your help.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,785 Administrator

    Thanks @Sherry76 I've just had a look and that email address/account is fine to transfer the registration to.

    Send the statutory declaration through to me at [email protected] Just attention the email to me and also include the URL to this discussion in the email.


  • Sherry76Sherry76 Member Posts: 4

    Thanks Rav. I will send the paperwork through the email to you today.

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