CC payment facility down for two full days now...

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Hey all,

anyone else have a CC payment facility with the PayPal payment gateway and can currently not receive CC paments through it? Our service has not been working since Friday morning. I called PayPal first thing Friday morning as soon as I realised we can't process payments. They said it was an issue with RECKON and at their end everything is working. I have been on the phone to RECKON since. All of Friday, all of yesterday and again this morning. And every time I'm just told "they are working on it". I am absolutely appalled at how slow this has been and no resolution in sight yet. Not being able to process CC payments over the phone means that our business is on hold and my employees can't get on with their work and our customers can't receive the items they have ordered, no incoming cash flow. How long will it take to resolve? Indefinately, today I was told someone will get back to me within 24hrs!!! It;'s been going on for 2 days already, I have lost my patience... Every time I call RECKON, they say "someone will get back to me, but they never do and the service continues to be down. Anyone else in the same boat? Have any ideas what to do?


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    Hi @Krischan

    We have contacted Paypal tech support and are awaiting a response, however we have had no other users report the error, and in fact we have had a user successfully debit many clients today. We are continuing to investigate to try and understand the cause of that error message you are receiving.

    I certainly understand that its frustrating at the moment however our team are actively pursuing this and its not a straightforward issue. I can also see that our support team will be getting in touch with you to provide updates, if they haven't already, and will continue to do so as we progress.

    Thanks again for your patience.

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