Allocating payment to multi-line invoice

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When invoicing our customer their final invoice in hosted Reckon, the invoice has multiple lines on it, including several credit amounts. One line of which is exempt from GST (tax). If there are multiple lines on the invoice and multiple credit lines including the tax exempt line, the payment does not allocate correctly. It only allocates a random figure and will not let you allocate the balance. See the AR Ageing below.

I understand that this a bug in the system. Do other people have this issue and how do you work around this please?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

thanks, Brenda


  • Tanya Briggs
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    Hi Brenda, the only way I've been able to resolve this issue is to delete the tax invoice and then enter a tax invoice for the positive lines and a separate adjustment note for the negative lines. Then go back and re-apply the payment from the customer to the tax invoice and adjustment note.

    Good luck!

  • BrendaHogg
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    Hi Tanya

    Thank you for your comments. As a work around, I have been sending the customer the full invoice and then when they pay the invoice, I delete the GST exempt lines and create them on a new invoice (there is a positive line and a negative line so they nett off against each other) . This is not the best solution but like you, it is a solution.

    Hopefully Reckon will fix this bug soon :-).