Change email address on customer file and send to outbox for checking

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  1. On updating the email address on the customer information page, the new email address shows but the invoice is sent to the old email address, how do we make the change permanently?
  2. When sending invoices etc is there a way to alter the information in the email content for each individual email, like you can in payroll (rather than the generic preferences setting?)
  3. In the old quickbooks, I could have all emails (invoicing, estimates, statements etc) sent to an outbox so that I could adjust them manually, is this functionality still available and if so how do I set it up.
  4. Thanks in advance. Paul


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    Hi Paul,

    Which Reckon software are you using? This discussion has been created in the free STP mobile app category however it sounds like you might be using a different software.

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    Hi Rav

    Sorry I'm new at this, using Reckon Accounts Hosted.

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    No worries, I've changed it over to the Hosted category 🙂

    Ok lets tackle this one step at a time.

    I've just logged into my Hosted account to do some testing on your first scenario. Here are the steps I went through -

    1. Opened the Customer Centre
    2. Right click to edit a Customer
    3. Updated email address and clicked OK

    After doing the above, I created a new invoice for that same customer and upon emailing the invoice it showed the new email address as the destination in the email window.

    You've mentioned that its going to the old email address for you. Can you step me through the process you're going through to update the email address and where you're seeing the older one appear even after updating etc

    For your second question, I believe the only way to amend content in the individual email is from the email window itself (example screenshot below).

    In regard to Question 3.

    Reckon Accounts Hosted has its own internal email service/function so it sends out all email from within Hosted itself. Due to that, unfortunately there is no Outbox etc that you can access. The only alternative is to send all emails to yourself to say something like Outlook etc, make any necessary changes/alterations and then send the emails out directly from Outlook.

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    Hi Rav

    1 -

    Same process as you described but I was trying to send an existing invoice, not a new one as they wanted it sent to the new email address, so I am guessing that only new invoices will pick up the new email address? If that is correct what happens when I create an estimate to one email address and then when I convert it to an invoice and change the email address will the new one take effect? (I have created a new quote and it has gone to the updated email address) I check these from the new email report.


    When sending an email, we do not get a window email option when clicking on send email, it goes direct (the only time you can access the email window is in payroll), do we have an incorrect setting? If we could see that window that would solve all the problems??


    As thought, thank you

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    I would go to the old invoice and change something insignificant, ok it, go back in and change it back. If that doesn’t work, try changing the customer, ok, then go back and put in correct one

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    Hi Kris

    Neither of those options worked?

    thank you

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    Damn, what about creating a new invoice, identical to the first and then deleting the old one?

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    @PMR1954 Have you checked your (Hosted) Preferences? There is an option in the Online section to display each email (as per Rav’s screenshot) before sending ...?

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    Thanks for that tip Shaz, I didn’t know about it

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    Hi Shaz

    Thankyou for that tip, of course it worked perfectly. :)

    Thanks everyone for all your help!

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