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Lyndal GrayLyndal Gray Member Posts: 6

Good afternoon. On 30th December, I uploaded our payrun, then had to do replacement, which I did not click the option for replacement, which lead to two files for that pay period being uploaded. I did upload a 3rd, which was the correct option of "replacement file", yet the 2nd file I uploaded is still on the system. How do I delete the 2nd file which was not noted as a replacement file to ensure that the annual figures for all staff are correct and do not include the additional 2nd file? Thankyou


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,861 Administrator

    Hi Lyndal,

    Single Touch Payroll submissions are only reported on a YTD basis only so there is no need to delete any previous submissions. In fact you cannot delete any submissions that have already been submitted to the ATO. Any subsequent submissions will update the YTD balances.

  • Lyndal GrayLyndal Gray Member Posts: 6

    Thanks Rav for you quick reply

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