QODBC Can't Connect to Reckon hr = 800401f3

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We've been using Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2016 and QODBC for a few years now. But we recently upgraded to Windows Server 2019 and have found that when we create new QODBC DSNs they will not work unless Reckon is actually open.

Strangely, the DSNs we migrated from our old server work, this issue only affects newly created DSNs. The error we get from Reckon (When we try to connect and the Reckon file is not open) is ...

"An internal error occurred while looking for a running instance of Reckon Accounts. Cannot continue. hr = 800401f3".

A QODBC tech spent a couple of hours on this and concluded that it's a Reckon issue and I should contact Reckon for help. So this is my first port of call.

Has anyone else has problems with the Reckon SDK on Windows 2019?