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Update Event - Salary Sacrifice

KandyKandy Member Posts: 13

We have an employee who is no longer eligible to salary sacrifice as they are 75 years old. It has taken some time for the ATO and the super fund to advise me and I was unaware of a cut off age. Payroll Premier does not have a warning either. Consequently I have to amend all their weekly pays from October 2020 to December 2020.

Do I have to do an Update Event for each pay I change as I go along starting from October or, do nothing as the YTD totals will eventually catch up when I've done all the amendments and their latest pay?


  • Deepak GyawaliDeepak Gyawali Reckon Staff Posts: 34

    Hi Kandy,

    If there is no change in employee and provided that you have corrected your system, you can leave this as it is and the next submission, the YTD will catch up for this employee if employee will be paid next pay run, If the employee will not be paid in this financial year i advice you to submit the update event for the last pay for employee.

    Kind regards,

    Deepak Gyawali

  • KandyKandy Member Posts: 13

    Thank you Deepak, that's a great help!

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