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melmel Member Posts: 48

HI please advise. iI have two payruns from the 2 dec 2020 one has an error next to it whilst the othe submitted fine. both of these amounts are included in the pay summary total.

The app is allowing me to review and update the pay run that has next to it however will it delete the amounts from that payrun as they are already included in the pay summary totals or do i have to wait until the end of financial year.



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,091 Administrator

    Hi @mel

    What is the error message that has been returned for that submission?

    Click the 'Review' button and a full message will appear that has been sent from the ATO.

    Let me know


  • melmel Member Posts: 48

    so can that pay run be deleted?

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,091 Administrator

    Submissions that have been sent to the ATO already cannot be deleted regardless of their status. However something to keep in mind is, the Pay Summary balance that you see in the app is not a 'live' balance that is sitting with the ATO. Instead the Pay Summary shows the balance of ALL submissions sent ie. Success, Pending, Error.

    To make amendments to the Pay Summary balance in the app, you can create and send an Update Event in the app. I'll link a step by step guide on this below -

  • melmel Member Posts: 48

    will look into and let you know thanks rav

  • melmel Member Posts: 48

    Thanks so much rav it worked now the pay summary totals reflect the same as my workbooks 😊

  • melmel Member Posts: 48

    so should that happen again i just do the same process?

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,091 Administrator

    Yes that's correct Mel. The crucial aspect to all this is when it comes to EOFY time. At that time, you want to ensure the pay summary balances in your app are correct prior to sending through your EOFY finalisation report. The reason I say that is, when you do send through your EOFY report, it will take the balances in the app at that particular time and overwrite everything prior to that point.

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