Changing end of financial report


I Lodged the end of financial year report with the tax office already. However I realised that error payments that did not go through to the ATO was added onto the group certificate.

I have rectified these by subtracting them in an updated pay run. However, how do I just make a new end of financial year report or can you amend the old one? And how will this go with the ATO? Will they get 2 group certificates?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,278 Community Manager

    Hi @leighonpoint

    Just to confirm, are you using the free STP app?

    If so, then yes you can create and send a NEW 2019/20 end of financial year report from the app. Verify the balances for your employees are now correct which it sounds like they will be if you've amended via Update Event as you've mentioned.

    Sending the new 2019/20 EOFY finalisation will overwrite the previous balances that the ATO received.

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