Undeposited Funds in Reckon One

Heids Member Posts: 10

Hello all

I am trying to set up an Undeposited Funds account in Reckon One, however I can't see advice specific to Reckon One, which obviously is different to the others.

To explain, some of our clients pay via a payment provider, and then payouts are made to our account. This means that there is a delay of a few days between us taking the payment from the client, and actually receiving it ourselves.

Through trial and error, I created a new Bank Account named Undeposited Funds, which allows me to receive payment. I initially tried setting up a new Current Asset (based on what I had read), however that didn't show up as an option to receive payment.

With regards to moving the money from Undeposited Funds to our main bank account, I plan to complete a Transfer as I would with other bank accounts. There doesn't seem to be an option for "Make Deposit" as I've read.

My question is: have I set this up correctly? Thank you for your help.